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  1. HI Rae! LOL, I am here!! I keep popping in and out, work has been crazy busy toward year end! I hope you and Dan are doing well. I'm doing pretty good. Happy that I'm still working if that makes sense! I need to check out where you're heading next!!
  2. I believe someone else referred to the NY Times article today, yet you have to wear a mask on a Private Island? The absurdity of all of this is beginning to wane on all of us. There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table.
  3. I'm ok with that. You missed my point. For me personally, when I resume cruising by myself after losing my dear husband, I would like to it be like it was when we were cruising together PRIOR to Covid. I only referred to the vaccine stating it's possible. I'm really not sure of your point.
  4. I have to say, none of this sounds like something "gee, I can't wait to go on a cruise this summer". The staff at the ports, the crew, etc will be subject to (again, speculating) a lot of supervision, making sure everything is going according to "CDC" etc. I also have to chime in about the vaccinations. They DO NOT prevent you from getting the virus, just "lessen the symptoms", so there's a very real possibility a vaccinated person can get it. I pray that I can someday go again on a cruise. I currently have 8 booked since losing my husband and have had 4 cancelled. My idea of cruising as I'm sure it's everyone's is what we experienced prior to Covid and I hope it can end up being that. Just not sure it's this year.
  5. ME TOO!! LOL Mine from Bayonne so not sure that will happen.
  6. I love this Itinerary, stay in beautiful Bermuda before cruise, stay after cruise, lots of sea days and CocoCay! Bonus is 2 hour flight from East Coast!
  7. HI All, Is the supposed announcement tomorrow by RC probably cancelled sailings to Canada? I'm asking as I had B2B booked on Freedom, 5nt Bermuda May 13th (and we know that will also be cancelled as there's no way everything will be in place by then, and then 4 nt Halifax May 18th. My final payment is tomorrow for the Bermuda segment and I am truly not prepared to pay it as i know Halifax will be cancelled. Should I just wait till tomorrow before I start making calls. Thank you!
  8. American, I think Jet Blue too, BWIA also who is now Caribbean Airways probably from Dulles or Reagan, not BWI though.
  9. And Barbados is such a beautiful island too, great place to stay before or after the cruise!
  10. Just saw that too. I'm thinking Royal might too. Booked on Freedom May 13th!
  11. Hey there, I hope you are doing well despite everything. Did you cancel your Allure booking? Been off the grid here for a while trying to play catch up!
  12. it was so funny, she was checking my Freedom cruise for May and we were chatting and she said yes, we cancelled till Nov 30th. She said they announced it at 4PM. Looks at clock, whoops it's only 3:45PM!?
  13. Breaking news, on the phone with RC now, 4PM, they will announce Cruises Cancelled Nov 1-30,2020
  14. I just got an email from Bermuda Tourism yesterday, very few flights, JFK, ATL, MIA, that's about it, but they are open and want the business, lots of packages in their email.
  15. I'd sail on Lady G in a heartbeat again, age or not! staff is fabulous!
  16. You will make it to the 5 years! Odyssey or not, you'll find another place/cruise to celebrate this fabulous milestone!
  17. I am so very happy for you being cancer free! You keep that positive attitude! Things will go your way for sure. You deserve it!! Such wonderful news for you!
  18. I'm thinking April 2021, hoping that's not the case, but realistic, get through the "fall/winter period to see how this virus reacts. So much uncertainty even with traveling locally now.
  19. Bummer! Trying to get refund already and can't get into the infamous RC portal to do it, even with my phone!
  20. If you let me know which company I can maybe help. Some are now letting you EFT or paying by phone.
  21. I just can't imagine what this is like. Praying for all. https://business.financialpost.com/transportation/nightmare-at-sea-ends-in-death-for-some-cruise-ship-workers
  22. I have 9 cruises booked, talk about juggling!! I have no clue when, where what ship etc!! LOL
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