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  1. This is when I remind everyone not to take financial investment advice from random people on the internet, especially fans of the company who may not be objective.
  2. It sounds like you ran into some terrible bad luck, and I'm sorry that's how it started for you. I think we all eventually have a bad start to a cruise for different reasons. It stinks, but I look at it as a new low water mark for myself and more than likely subsequent cruises are almost certainly going to be much better.
  3. In practice, it's the same thing
  4. This article from our sister site provides tips and advice how to cruise with just a carry-on: https://cruise.blog/2022/07/i-packed-7-day-cruise-just-carry-suitcase-and-backpack
  5. Use wi-fi calling. The international plans are all extremely expensive and don't work that well.
  6. If you're vaccinated, you don't need a pre-cruise test
  7. Royal told travel agents today about 3 TA deals out there. I haven't look at prices, but worth checking: Enchantment of the Seas April 30, 2023 Bayonne to Rome Symphony of the Seas March 9, 2023 Miami to Barcelona Jewel of the Seas April 22, 2023 Port Canaveral to Amsterdam
  8. It will be plenty warm, with still chance of rain since it's still hurricane season (although unlikely of a storm) https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/november-royal-caribbean-cruise See you onboard
  9. The twangster machine learning algorithm is getting better every day!
  10. I'm sorry this thread has devolved into this sort of inane back and forth snark. It's the sort of thing we've tried to weed out for years here.
  11. I recall when we sailed, the nursery would also be able to assist. But hot water tip that @Ampurp85 suggested works too
  12. I always make a point to go to Top Tier events on the principle that Royal Caribbean is saying thank you and I want to make sure I attend to show I appreciate C&A events being put on for us. If you don't have a drink package, there's free drinks to enjoy. Even if you do have a drink package, it's an opportunity to hear from the ship's staff. Maybe you see an officer you didn't know was onboard, or perhaps you see a guest that you haven't seen in a while. But I think it's important to attend otherwise I fear they'll roll back these sort of customer loyalty perks because of poor attendance.
  13. In this scenario, I don't pre-purchase drink package. Since I'm Diamond Plus, I get an onboard discount which comes out to more or less the same discount when prepurchased for two.
  14. Yup. They pay up front and pay full price and they get to pick a time.
  15. Couldn't agree more with you both. In September they told travel agents they wouldn't bring back the option to prebook entertainment: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2022/09/28/royal-caribbean-updates-pre-booking-entertainment-hurricane-itinerary-changes-more If they decided to bring it back, fine, but please bring it back for all ships. Having to explain it's available for some ships but not others is even more confusing.
  16. Hasn't happened to me. Remember, you're still paying for a second person, so you're short changing them.
  17. It would only work if someone in your cabin was in their photo, then it could be part of your photo package.
  18. I can tell you from experience just like on Royal Caribbean, some guests are aware in advance but most others are not. There are plenty of times people have thrown fits at the entrance to a closed ride because they had no idea it was going to be closed. If your issue is with how maintenance gets notified to guests, I'm not going to argue with things can always be better and more transparent. But like a theme park, cruise ships operate every day of the year and it's not unreasonable for maintenance to be necessary and areas shut down while they work on it. It stinks when it impacts your trip, but I don't believe anyone is entitled to compensation because of it.
  19. Just like how if Splash Mountain is down for maintenance at Disney World for your trip doesn't mean you're getting any money back or compensation. Maintenance is something that has to happen. It is what it is.
  20. No Yes It should be on your SetSail Pass so you may need to reprint or use thee setsail pass from the eapp
  21. I was expecting a Starlink rollout post from Royal but that has yet to materialize unfortunately.
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