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    Does anyone else diet before the cruise

    I'm a bit late to the party but I figured a bit more pressure on me could only help. I don't do diets anymore, I changed my whole lifestyle. It's currently called "Project Zipline" because I really want to do Symphony's zipline on the TA... it's 275 pounds max so still 38 pounds to lose until October 28. Sounds impossible? Well, I started December 14th with 380 pounds... After riding the zipline all bets are off I'm going to enjoy the cruise meals without any guilty feelings, but I'll do a lot of sports to compensate a bit. 1 hour of laps in the pool and at least 1 hour in the gym per day is a given. I know I'll still gain a few pounds but I don't care - my end game is reaching a healthy weight, this will take years anyway so a few weeks more or less don't matter to me. Well, now I've made it official. You can all check my TA live blog to see if I got on that damned zipline. No chickening out anymore even though I'm a bit afraid of heights. Did I mention that I work best under pressure? There's a German saying that describes me perfectly: I lack motivation up to the point when I'm running out of time.
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    I guess this is one of the pluses of being in a new ship. They are really trying. Here is today lunch display Sandwich anyone ?
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    We want to watch the virtual fireworks at 11:00 and we are back at Two 70, front row, waiting for the Karaoke finals to begin.
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    Does anyone else diet before the cruise

    Neaxan, I wish you the best of luck. YOU CAN DO IT!!
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    I hope so!
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    Wow Envelopes

    After years of cruising with Royal, I am a convinced that anytime you you tip and that receipt, envelope, or anything else that says "gratuity" and also has a Royal Caribbean logo on it--those funds are going into that ships general tip pool for all employees. That includes leaving a buck or two tip on a receipt for drinks. That bartender/server/room attendant does not individually receive those funds. That is true for the above pictured envelope. Cash to that guy or gal you want to thank? That goes entirely to that person you want to acknowledge. Case in point: want to know why that employee Waaaytoo described was afraid to touch that little blue envelope??? Because management is afraid an employee would stick it in their pocket and not put it into the collective fund and probably has given extreme warning to any employee thinking of not sharing that money. You don't need no stink'in envelope, there is nothing to hide. Be proud of your acknowledgment and carry some small bills in your pocket when you are onboard. Enjoy the smile you get in return for your couple bucks.
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    Another benefits of fresh new ship , the machines still not tuned Now I have reason to stand at the long line of the guest services
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    Happy Birthday @PrincipalTinker!!! Thank you for sharing this week with us.
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    Just hope the captain don't run her into any docks / piers. Too soon?
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    Today is our last day. We are currently sitting in Two 70 waiting for the virtual symphony to begin. Today we did IFly and there are no photos since we all did it. Tomorrow is my 57th birthday and I loved it! The staff was amazing. We are all packed and will put the luggage out before dinner.
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    I would start with MEI, who is a sponsor of this site. You can fill out the form on the home page. There are quite a few of us who use them and have been happy with their service. There are TAs who offer additional OBC, paid gratuities, etc. I've recently tried one like this but I feel like the service I've received has been lacking...one thing I asked hasn't been done and my email ignored. So I'm back with MEI and my TA is very responsive and checks my price vs the current sale automatically.
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    Deal Alert!

    I'm totally a gambler. I booked a cruise on Allure for Sept 16th.. But I live in Ft. Lauderdale so if there is a hurricane I rather be on a cruise then in my hot apartment with no power... And if they did cancel my cruise I wouldn't be out any airfare so for me its worth the gamble
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    Yes, there have been some grumblings that the outbreak is pretty bad but yesterday morning, the last time I was in the Windjammer, they were still allowing guests to serve themselves. Our brewery tour was missing almost 1/3 of the tour and there are lots of Facebook posts that are sick and angry (a very bad combo). They are scrubbing walls and our Northstar Time was delayed due to a clean out of the pod. So far so good for us!
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    Love the pics of Rome. It had me take out my old photo albums and look at them again. I was in Rome in 1977 on my last Navy Med Cruise. I got some of the same pictures as you, nice to know things haven't changed that much. Italy and Sicily and Palma were my favorites ports. Now I want to go back...
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    Day 5 Rome , Well there is only one place to go here , do not even bother on the other tours ,Rome is a must and I think I do not need to explain why.Our tour today was “navigate Rome”, its actually a guided transfer to Rome were you get a cell phone that has several applications to guide you around and help you find your way.With the device (Samsung note 3) you are getting also earphones. The guide kept reminding us that its 500 $ fine if we lose the device (not a bad revenue for RC as you can get such devices for much less).The application also contains a way to communicate with the guide and ability to send photos to your email from the phone. The meeting time was 8 and around 8:30 AM we were on our way to Rome.The ride took 90 minutes so around 10 we were dropped near the Vatican. During the ride the guide offered to sell Vatican tickets which save you the time to stand in the ticket office lines or a panoramic bus tour with ability to hop on and off. The cost for the Vatican tickets is 34 $ , the buss is 35 $ and both are going directly to your sea pass account which is very comfortable. We tool the bus tour although you can do without it and I will explain later. If you plan to visit the Vatican museum take into consideration the way it is organized, it actually a linear maze which you can only go forward at the end after more than a mile you will find the Sistine chapel , it can take more than an hour until you get to it. Also please mind air conditions are not that common in Rome , which mean most of the places missing them including public buses and small shops/restaurants. Check before if the ST Paul is accessible or not, While walking near the Vatican you will encounter many people trying to sell you Vatican tickets/tours, they can be annoying but just tell them that you already have tickets, its usually works. We went to the bus station (around 0.5 mile from the Vatican), the bus came quite fast and we took it just until the next station , which is the famous fountain/Spanish stress. Note , from the bus stop to the attractions you will need to walk around 0.25 miles. The fountain was not working for some reason but we throw some coins in anyway, after all we suppose to come back at September. From the fountain we went into the Spanish stairs, tons of people around but still nice to see. Next station was the Pantheon which is always impressive considering it was built almost 2000 years ago. Just remember if you are planning to go visit some churches make sure you have the proper outfit (no shorts, no cut sleeves). We tried to find something to eat that is not in the middle of the tourist attraction in Rome its not an easy task but we found some bar that served lunch, it was full with local people (well at least the people inside seemed to speak Italian). The food was ok, not something to write home about but did the work. After lunch we went to eat ice cream, do not miss it , you cannot go wrong with ice cream in Italy. We continued to walk to Venice square to visit the capitolina hill where we later took the bus back to the Vatican area , since we had some extra time until we had to catch the group we took another ice cream (just to test if the pistachio flavor is same everywhere , for the research nothing else) and excellent espresso. In Italy you can find many espresso bars where people are drinking coffee standing up (around 1 $) its like refueling station for people , they come , drink the espresso for 30 seconds and go. By the way no Starbucks around 😊 We started our way back, but before heading to the port the bus travel via some of Rome monuments. All in all a nice tour. If you want to save some money, you can catch this tour or even just transfer to Rome and take the public bus to where you want to start your walking tour, most of the main sites are nearby (the colosseum, the Pantheon, the capitolina , Spanish stairs . (around 15 – 20 minutes). We came back around 5:30 PMs , we tried to do again the laser tag but it was closed already although they published it will be closed at 6 PM. Dinner again was in WJ, they had lots of cakes and tons of fruits. We were too tired to go to a show today, so we called it off qu ite early, all in all very enjoyable day.
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    Now THAT's the REAL DEAL!!!
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    I miss my friend from Bar Harbor...
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    Today is a busy day. We are scheduled to see We will Rock You, Spectra’s Cabaret, and weather permitting- the North Star. We are heading back north. Here are a few photo’s from our balcony yesterday.
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    Day4 Today port was La Spezia. We slept late today until 8:30 am as we have not booked any tour.From all our stops in Italy La Spezia is my favorite one as it’s a nice small city which you can tour around without any issues. To go to the port gate, you must take a shuttle bus as ship passengers are not allowed to walk inside the port. Las Spezia is also the gate to Pisa (45 minutes ride) and Florence (90 minutes ride) .If you never been to Florence I would highly recommend to take a tour to this renascence city with many amazing sites to visit.Pisa on the other hand have only one attraction, and yes it is the leaning tower of Pisa , you come , you take the photo (with thousands of other people) you pose as if you support the tower and create a face book picture exactly like million people before you 😊 So I would go to Pisa only on the way to Florence. Another excellent option would be visiting Cinque Terre , its actually villages that are built on the cliff , they are very colorful and best view from the sea side although visiting one of them over the land is very nice.You can always take the tour from the ship but if you want to save some money you can find some tours operator in the port (There are many vendors inside the port building).The train station is 15-20 minutes from the port. The best way to save money (for sure if you have 4 people in your group) will be to rent a car and drive were ever you want, for example you can drive to one of the small towns near by, park outside (parking available on the road side using parking tickets machines, make sure you bring enough euro coins) , please note some of the villages/towns are not allow cars inside. or even travel to Pisa (many parking near by). If you choose to rent a car please note , most of the cars that are offered in Italy (and in many other Europe countries) has manual transmission , the automatic one are the more luxurious cars. Car rental with insurance (automatic transmission) will cost around 100$ per day. There are several rental cars in the city , I think the nearest one is the Avis which is 15 minute walk from the shuttle dropped. I used this option last time I visit this port (We were group of four), I rented the car few month ahead, took the shuttle , walked to the renting facilities and picked the car (do not expect to see US car renting like facilities , its actually travel agency with cars parked on the street). Once I picked the car I returned to the port to pick the rest of the group, It was quite easy. For sure it will be helpful if you will have access to Waze or other navigating application. If you just want to stay around the town you can walk and enjoy the seaside some parks and local restaurants There are many shopping option around (usually small shops) , remember shops can be closed between 1:30 PM To 3 or 4 PM for siesta time. . There is also a mall in walking distance (1 mile from the shuttle drop). We walked in the city for a while and at the end we went to the mall to complete some of the must things in Italy : Eat a pizza, drink espresso, eat a pasta and eat authentic Italian ice cream. There were many shops which offered mid session discounts ,My spouse bought some shoes and some T-shirts while I went to the supermarket (the local Walmart) and bought some aged balsamic vinegar and wine. We eat a wired combo of pizza which come with soft drink and espresso then went back to the ship (walking). I love to be on the ship during port day , excellent time to relax and use the different facilities, its also a good option to take some pictures. For dinner, we choose this time the WJ. They had a lovely chocolate fountain, but I should have complained to someone that they located it in front of the window which facing the sun, it is bad for taking pictures, how inconsiderateness of them. Later we went to sea the new ice show 1877, we came 10 minutes before and found some front seat , I must say they excel themselves , it was amazing , the effects is something out of the world although the level of skating was less than other shows over the different ships , maybe they need to run it for a while. Here some pictures from the show , for better quality you will need to wait for @twangster Trans Atlantic cruise in October \ \ Some observations: Internet is fast all around the ship, We have only 5100 people on board which can explain how there are always tables available in the WJ (tip , try to go to the middle of the WJ) The break room is not available yet. The CD is Michelle , BB is on the ship but he is not doing the morning show or most of the activities . The ship looks really well maintained and not showing her age at all
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    Was thinking how I was going to respond to the initial post, but now I don't have too. You said it all, and I agree with you 100%. Great rebuttal
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    Bayley puts his foot in his mouth

    I don’t know which “middle aged entitled people” you know but this middle aged entitled person and her husband worked for 40 years, raised & educated 2 millenials and aid in the care of 4 grandchildren. I assure you no one waits hand and foot on me! So yes, I deserve a little entitlement. Maybe when you are my age, you’ll understand how “entitled” your comments sound.
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    breakfast available on disembark day?

    now I want French Toast.....
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    Does anyone else diet before the cruise

    Definitely yes!!!. I plan on losing 20lbs before my cruise in September on the Allure. As this is a multi celebration event, we are treating ourselves to Star class and I plan to hit every specialty restaurant and indulge. I am bringing my stretchable waist pants.