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Last updated on November 26, 2015

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Beertini and Cockt-ales $10

Pink Velvet

Guinness Irish Stout topped wth Rosa Regale, breaching new life into a classic Irish cocktail

Boston Kiss

Samuel Adams Boston Lager and a float of crème demure

Black and Tan

1/2 glass of Bass ale top and layered with delicious Guinness stout

Poor Man’s Black Velvet

Perfectly layered Cider and World famous Guinness


Refreshing blend of Cider and draft lager

Black Velvet

Nicely layered cold sparkling wine and Guinness stout served in a champagne flute

Classics Coming to the High Seas $12

These classics are made with only the best spirits. Handcrafted for your pleasure.

Crown Royal Old-Fashioned

A timeless tradition of Crown Royal whisky enhanced with fresh orange, maraschino cherry and Angostura bitters.

Woodford Manhattan

Woodford Reserve bourbon, sweet vermouth and a splash of Angostura bitters.

Boston Iced Tea Party

Tanqueray gin, Bacardi Superior rum, Absolut vodka, triple sec and sweet & sour topped with Coca Cola.

James Bond Martini

A suave mixture of Ketel One vodka, Beefeater gin and Lillet Blanc.

Luxury Martini

A classic martini shaken with your choice of Tanqueray gin or Grey Goose vodka and served with your choice of a lemon twist or cocktail olives.

Chivas Regal Rob Roy

A flawless combination of Chivas Regal 12 year old scotch whisky, Angostura bitters and sweet & dry vermouths, garnished with a maraschino cherry.

Gin Fizz

A refreshing libation of Tanqueray No. Ten gin, lemon juice and sugar, topped with club soda.


Grey Goose vodka mixed with grapefruit juice.





Bombay Sapphire

Tanqueray No. Ten




Smirnoff Citrus

Ketel One


Gray Goose


Scotch & Whiskies

Bulleit Bourbon

Chivas Regal 12 year

Chivas Regal 18 year

Crown Royal

Crown Royal Reserve

Dewar’s 12 year


Gentleman Jack

The Glenlivet


Glenmorangie 25 year

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee



Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker Gold Label

Johnnie Walker Green Label


Woodford Reserve


Baileys Irish Cream






Courvoisier VS

Hennessy X.O

Martell VSOP

Remy Martin VSOP

All beer can be divided into two categories: ales and lagers. There are then numerous subcategories of different “styles” that fall under both categories


Ales are top-fermented beers that are brewed at warmer temperatures. They tend to be fairly complex and flavorful with fruit and/or floral tones. Most ales are full-bodied and rich in taste.


Lagers are bottom-fermented and brewed at lower temperatures. They are typically easy drinking, light in body and mild in taste, with a clean flavor and crispy finish.


Amber Lager

full-flavored with more hops, malt and overall character than pale lagers

American Pale Ale

gold to amber in color with the flavor and aroma centered around the citrus and pine character of American hops.

Belgian Blonde Ale

light-colored Belgian ale with a spicy hop nose and sweetness and subtle yet complex finish

Belgian Strong Ale

can vary from pale to dark brown in color and is medium to full-bodied, with a high alcohol character. Includes Tripels, Dubbels and Abbey ales.

Belgian White

also known as “Witbier” or “Weissbier,” white beers are made from wheat.


a strong, malty lager typically of German origin with a low hop presence and rich, tasty malt characteristics.

Brown Ale

ranges from deep amber to brown in color, with caramel and chocolate notes. They tend to be strong and malty with an even level of “nuttiness.”

English Ale

a golden to reddish-amber ale with enhanced hop bitterness, balanced with malty aromas.


a German style of wheat beer. “Hefe” means “with yeast,” which adds unique flavors of banana, apple or cloves with a dry, tart edge and some spiciness.

India Pale Ale

commonly abbreviated as “IPA,” this version of a pale ale employs a significant amount of hops originally to help it make the voyage overseas. The added hops give a strong floral note with high bitterness, complementing a higher alcohol content.

Pale Lager

pale to golden-colored lagers that are dry, clean-tasting and crisp with subtle flavors.


a type of pale lager with a more prominent hop character that takes its name from the city of Plzen in the Czech Republic. Nine out of ten beers consumed today are based on the original pilsner from 1848.


stouts are dark beers made using roasted malt or barley. The dark roast gives the beer its unique flavor and color, often with a toasty or coffee-like taste


originating from Trappist Monks in Belgium, the Tripel is a complex and wonderful creation. Using “triple” the malts with an even balance of hops, these beers are deceptively strong. Bright and gold in color with a spicy, floral and slightly sweet finish.

All about Beer

Beer is the third most popular beverage in the world, coming in behind tea and water.

Monks brewing beer in the Middle Ages were allowed to drink five pints of beer a day

Bavaria still defines beer as a staple food.

The oldest known written recipe is for beer

In English pubs, ale is ordered by pints and quarts. So in old England, when customers got unruly, the bartender used to yell at them to mind their own pints and quarts and settle down. This is where we got “mind your P’s and Q’s.”

One of the reasons the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, rather than sail further south to a warmer climate, was because their supplies were dwindling, “especially our beer.”

Beers of the World

Crisp, Clean & Refreshing

Amstel Light The Netherlands Pale Lager 5.5

Aluminum Coors Light USA Pale Lager 6

Budweiser USA Pale Lager 6

Bud Light USA Pale Ale 6

Corona Extra Mexico Pale Lager 5.5

Dos Equis Mexico Pale Lager 5.5

Estrella Dam Spain Pale Lager 5.5

Foster’s Oil Can Austrralia Pale Lager 6.5

Grolsch The Netherlands Pale Lager 5.5

Heineken The Netherlands Pale Lager 5.5

Kirin Light Japan Pale Lager 5.5

Michelob Ultra USA Light Lager 6

Miller Lite USA Pale Lager 6

Molson Canada Pale Lager 5.5

Peroni Italy Pale Lager 5.5

Red Stripe Jamaica Pale Lager 5.5

Prime Pilsners & Luxe Lagers

Beck’s Germany Pilsner 5.5

Carlsberg Demark Pale Lager 5.5

Harp Lager Ireland Pale Lager 5.5

Pilsner Urquell Czech Republic Pilsner 5.5

Spaten Germany Lager 5.5

Samuel Adams Boston Lager USA Amber Lager 5.5

Good for What Ales You

Bass Ale England English Ale 5.5

Boddingtons England English Ale 6.5

Dogfish Head Tweason’ale (Gluten-free) USA Fruit Ale 6

Redhook Long Hammer USA India Pale Ale 5.5

Sierra Nevada USA American Pale Ale 6

Golden Wheat

Goose Island 312 USA Wheat Ale 5.5

Widmer USA Hafeweisen 5.5

Brawny Browns

Guinness Draught Ireland Stout 6

Murphy’s Ireland Stout 6

Newcastle England Brown Ale 6

Belgian spirit

Blue Moon USA Belgian White Ale 5.5

Chimay Blue 750 ml Belgium Belgian Strong Ale 19.95

Hoegaarden Belgium Belgian White 5.5

La Fin du Monde Canada Tripel 6

Leffe Belgium Belgian White 6

Stella Artois Belgium Pilsner 5.5

Second Cousins

Strongbow England Dry Cider 5.5

Redd’s Apple Ale USA Cider 5.5