Top 5 quintessential Royal Caribbean foods

Matt Hochberg

Going on a Royal Caribbean cruise, expect to run across a lot of great food.  Many Royal Caribbean fans love to enjoy the many culinary options available but there seem to be some foods onboard that after a few Royal Caribbean cruises are recognized as the kind of food one only finds (or enjoys) on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

This is not a list of the best food on a Royal Caribbean cruise, just a few options you can have that seem to resonate immediately as something "very Royal Caribbean." Arguably, there are a lot of snacks, entrees and side dishes that we can consider "a Royal Caribbean food," but here are our list of five that always ring true as a quintessential Royal Caribbean food.

Triangle hash browns

If you eat breakfast almost anywhere on the ship, you are likely to run across Royal Caribbean's version of hash browns that are triangle in shape, and sort of remind me of McDonalds hash browns.

The hash browns are your typical fried potato pattie, that comes in triangle shape and are found on pretty much all Royal Caribbean ships in the breakfast selection, including the Windjammer, main dining room and room service menus.

My grandfather was fond of saying fried foods in general, are hard to not be tasty and these are something that if you see, will resonate as a true Royal Caribbean food.

Guacamole from Sabor

Since Sabor Modern Mexican premiered on Navigator of the Seas just a few years ago, it has quickly become a fan favorite and I believe its guacamole is heart of the specialty restaurant's appeal.

Guests dining at Sabor will have their guacamole hand-crafted right at their table, and made to your liking.  Extra lime, extra spicy, no tomatoes or however you like your guac is key to making this really tasty.  Plus, the guacamole is really great tasting.

The reason the guacamole from Sabor makes this list is if you ever talk to someone who has dined at Sabor, you are most likely to hear the guacamole mentioned, if not poetically described.

Ranger cookies

There are a ton of tasty treats, desserts and snacks that are so hard to resist, but the ranger cookies are one of those foods that you have to try.

I think ranger cookies make this list because I have yet to see ranger cookies somewhere other than on a Royal Caribbean cruise, but seeing it onboard at Cafe Promenade or the Windjammer provides a pavlovian response of a euphoric sense that you are indeed on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

If you have never tried a ranger cookie, it’s an “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of recipe—you throw in whatever tasty stuff is lying around, such as rolled oats and pralines. Royal Caribbean’s version kicks it up with shredded coconut for a sweet taste and delectable texture. Read more at

Tutti salad

You might have heard about this thing called, "the tutti salad," but by the name alone, you likely do not know what it is.  It is one of those things you have to experience to fully understand.

On sea days in the main dining room, lunch is served and in addition to the fixed menu, there is a make-your-own salad bar that Royal Caribbean calls the Tutti salad.

The tutti salad bar is essentially a large salad bar in the main dining room that is available to guests on sea days, where guests can pick from a variety of ingredients to create their own custom salad.

You can walk around the rather large salad bar area and pick from what interests you. Vegetables, cheeses, chicken, shrimp, tuna, dressings and more are all available to choose from.

What makes the tutti salad so unique, is that you can have  a freshly made salad exactly the way you like it.

Honey stung chicken

Up until a few years ago, honey stung chicken was a food choice in the Windjammer that was only available on embarkation day.  It is still available via room service and the reason these breaded chicken cutlets make our list is it is one of those foods that you can only get a Royal Caribbean cruise.

When you are eating honey stung chicken, then you are likely on a Royal Caribbean cruise and all foods taste better when you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise!

It gets rave reviews because people associate it with being on a cruise and let's face it, everyone is the happiest on the day their cruise vacation they have been looking forward to is finally starting.

Your thoughts

There are probably many more foods on a Royal Caribbean ship that you associate with being on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Which foods do you think are definite Royal Caribbean traditional foods? Were one of these a favorite yours? Tell us about in the comments.