Cruise vacations a way for couples to be more romantic, according to survey


Looking for a way to find that spark in your relationship?  Royal Caribbean's recent survey says a cruise vacation is the best way to heat up the romance in your relationship.

In a recent survey that Royal Caribbean commissioned, 90% of Americans said sex was their top activity when they go on a cruise.  In addition, 84% of those that responded said a cruise vacation was the most romantic type of vacation while offering a better value for their dollar.

Four out of five people who took the survey said that a cruise with their partner is more romantic than a land-based vacation and 98% prefer an exotic cruise as a special way to celebrate a special moment or occasion.

Some other survey details

  • The vast majority of survey respondents say they left their last cruise feeling more “connected” with their partner (80%), being more in love with their partner (67%) and feeling more attracted to their partner (65%). 
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents say that spending time with their significant other on their most recent cruise improved their relationship.
  • Respondents indicated that they are more likely to enjoy a number of romantic activities on a cruise than on a land-based vacation, including watching the sunset (72%), strolling in the moonlight (58%), stargazing (56%) and sharing a romantic dinner à deux (55%).
  • Half of the respondents say they are more likely to be intimate on a cruise than on a land-based vacation. And not only is sex more frequent on a cruise vacation, but many (62%) report that the sex on their last cruise was better than normal. Perhaps not surprisingly, night time is the right time, or most popular time of day to be amorous on a cruise (31%), while 28% prefer any time of day – morning, noon or night.
  • 24% cite their balcony as the place onboard where they would most like to be intimate – other than their stateroom, of course, and 58% are more likely to pack lingerie or sexy underwear for a cruise than a land-based vacation. For an astounding 90%, sex ranks as the top activity on their cruise itinerary, ahead of sitting by the pool (84%), enjoying nightlife options (83%) and shopping (70%).

Royal Caribbean is trying to take advantage of the survey results and offer the public a free romance package(roses, chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling wine) for those that book a cruise to Bermuda or Europe by February 29.

This survey was conducted online between Jan. 27th and Feb. 1st, 2012, among a national probability sample of 1,000 adults 18 years of age or older who live in the continental United States. Half the sample was respondents who have previously taken a cruise, and the other half was respondents who have not taken a cruise but are interested in taking a future cruise. All respondents indicated that they are currently in a relationship (either married or dating).